belize1Hi There! My name is Blessing. I am a mother to a newborn boy and a nine year-old girl. Mother Honestly is a site for ambitious Type A moms like me who put themselves first. Because self-love matters, and because you cannot poor from an empty vessel. The default moda operandi for ambitious moms is to take care of everyone and place themselves last. We are doing things differently here. We want to be our best selves to our family, loved ones, friends and coworkers.

No, we are never going to drop the ball; we are going to rest, delegate, shift expectations while executing big time at home and in our careers. Why?


More about me. I currently work full-time while managing the affairs of my home like any other mom. I have a  Chemical Engineering (B.Sc), Energy Management (M.Sc) and Business (MBA) background. I am also a proud supporter the natural and non-toxic lifestyle.

My goal for this blog is to share my journey of self-care and help other women realize that placing themselves first matters. Its the only way to a happy marriage, motherhood and life.

I am absolutely still growing and learning on this journey, so your thoughts will be appreciated.

For collabs, please contact me at oblessing@gmail.com