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CLOSED: Motif Duo Breast Pump Review + Giveaway

Buying a breastpump is the least exciting thing for most Moms who are in the middle of purchasing the cutest baby outfit, gear or nursery furniture. I was one of those moms who never really spent any time researching a breast pump because I was more focused on the pretty aspect of motherhood, plus I was working 60hrs a week while taking care of my 9-year old and the home. Eventually, it became inevitable. As a working mother (in the United States), I have to return back to work almost immediately. Therefore, I wanted a breast pump that was not bulky, that I could take with me everywhere. I found some that you could wear, but I typically pump about 12 oz each session, so I really needed something that was quiet, powerful, efficient, and portable. It seemed like an impossible task until I found Motif.


When I came across the Motif Duo Breastpump, I was beaming from side to side, because the thought of dragging my current loud and humongous breast pump to work made me less excited about continuing this exclusive breastfeeding. Here are some of the things I love about the Motif Duo:

  1. Rechargeable:  This is a priority for me at home and at work. The mere fact that I do not have to haul the charger around because the Motif pump delivers 2.5hrs of battery power makes me extremely happy. This pump is perfect for working and traveling mamas. In my previous life, I would always sit next to the power outlet so I could power my pump. Now, I don’t have to do any of that. Of course, there is still the option of using the charger directly, but to my surprise, it does not affect the pumping capacity.
  2. Compact: I was surprised by how small, yet powerful this pump is. It’s about the size of my cell phone, and fit nicely in a small ziploc bag which is my method of storage before putting it away.
  3. Simple Yet Powerful: There are two modes of operation. One is the massage and the other is the expression mode. The massage mode operates on 10 suction levels and mimics the baby sucking on your breast. This helps stimulate the breast for the natural let down. I typically stay in this mode for 1 minute. Then I move to the expression mode which also operates on 10 suction levels 1-10. I typically go all the way to 10, but recently, I find that when I step down, my milk flows naturally. Like any other pump, you will have to find a setting that works for you.
  4. Programmable: The pump’s memory can be programmed so that your settings are saved. You dont need to fumble with the buttons each time. Personally, I did not program anything, this pump is seriously too simple to use. I mean, all I do is push the + or – button to change my suction levels and bam, the milk is flowing.
  5. Big Sized-Bottles: Okay, this is a big deal for me. Each of my breast produces about 7-8oz in the morning. Hence a big bottle is important to me. Prior to the motif, I always pump into my milk bag but now, I can pump directly into the two 7oz bottle. I am sure to capture of all my milk that way.
  6.  Back-lit LCD Screen: This is a big deal especially since I tend to pump early in the morning. It also allows me to see clearly the battery status, if I need to recharge soon or not. I’ve never had to stop pumping due to low battery, so that in itself is amazing to me. Although, I am typically done pumping in about 15mins, so I get to use it for a full week without a recharge.


You may ask, how does the Motif compare to my Medela or Spectra? Here is a comparison chart that I found useful.


Exclusively breastfeeding is important to me even when I return to work, and the Motif pump makes that happen easier, faster and in style. How has pumping helped you in your journey to exclusively breastfeed? How long did you breastfeed your baby?

I am giving away one Motif Duo today here and over at Matermea. To enter, do any of the following:

  • Answer the above questions in the comment or on my Instagram profile (1 entry)
  • Follow @ motherhonestly on Instagram      (1 entry)
  • Follow @motifmedical on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (3 entries) and leave a comment (1 entry each)
  • Follow @matermea on Instagram and leave a comment (2 entries)

The winner will be announced tomorrow 3/14 10am ET

PS: You can purchase the Motif Duo on Amazon here.


  1. Love the review! Nursing in the US is challenging when you have to return to work as well! I hope I win & have a positive experience as well!!


  2. Jamie Fogle says

    Pumping has helped me by being able to store milk up for when I am away from the baby. I breastfed my second child till 10 months and currently breastfeeding my 2 month old.


  3. Raena Boston says

    I have at least four months left in my pumping and working journey and would love to have a lighter pump!


  4. Cristin says

    I’m so glad to see continued innovation around breast pumps. I enjoy being able to breastfeed my son, and without good quality pumps (and their parts) being easily accessible, I would never have been able to make it work. After being home for 12 weeks on maternity leave, I’ve been pumping multiple times a day at work and my son is now 9 months old. I look forward to when I don’t have to pump (and wash parts and bottles) any longer, but I also enjoy our time together while he nurses and will continue as long as we both still want to.


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