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School Update

Oh my goodness, where did time go? I feel like time is flying and I can’t keep up. My 8 year-old Camille started 3rd grade this year and it’s been a seamless transition. With her Type-A mom chasing opportunities across the United States with my job, she has attended more elementary school than most kids. But my Camille loves it. She loves traveling, making new friends and getting to know a new area or neighborhood. Although this time, we bought a house vs. renting, which is a signal even to us, that it is time to settle down in one location. Although, we are still in the process of moving into our new home with some remodeling going on, more on that later of course.

On Her Outfit

The first day of school was September 5, after Labor day weekend. Hence, we had a long weekend to prepare for back-to-school. She was able to pick out a new dress, backpack, lunchbag and water bottle from our favorite mall – Somerset Collection. Seriously, if you are in the metro Detroit area, this mall has everything. It is big, beautiful and has all your favorite store. While, I allowed Camille to shop for her items herself and with a budget, I was able to steer the wheel a bit. She picked out eco-friendly water bottles, like this Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottle and Lunchbot stainless steel thermos flask for her hot lunches. She wanted this polka-dot dress from Nordstrom and her shoes are electric shoes from Sketchers which she bought over her summer break. She is one stylish kid that’s for sure.

On Her School

She attends the local public school here at Beverly Hills, MI. We are zoned to Birmingham Public schools which is a really nice school district. We feel so lucky. We bought the house for this very reason, because we wanted a good school in a nice family-oriented neighborhood. Birmingham itself was way outside of our price point with single family homes going for $600k – $1MM. By looking a bit around Birmingham, we stumbled on a Beverly Hills, which is a small village with Birmingham amenities, schools, etc.. minus the taxes! You can imagine how thrilled we were. The school is rated a 9 on Great Schools, although we used other metrics to perform our own evaluation of quality of education, curriculum, teachers and students. When we attended back-to-school night, we were very pleased by the teachers, administration and staff. We received multiple emails already about how to prepare, what to do before school starts and how to ensure our little one are making the most of their time at and away from school.

Last semester, Camille attended private school while we were house hunting and acclimatizing to Michigan and the snow. While we loved the school, we simply could not justify the payments. She was performing well and exceeding expectations as usual, but this was the same level she was performing at in a public school. Matter of fact, she was bored with the level of math and reading, and had to skip the 2nd grade chapter books for 5th grade ones. This solidified more our faith in the public school system, and of course as parents, we continue to do our best to ensure she is in a good school district in other to maximize the benefits.

We are all pleased with the new school, our new neighborhood, friends and community. Part of attending the neighborhood school is that you get to make lots of friends at home and at school and you get to have so much fun in the process. I am so excited for what’s ahead for her this school year. I look forward to supporting her growth and development throughout the school year to ensure a full immersive experience.

PS: How did back-to-school go for you and your loved ones? Any thoughts on after-school activities and impact on childhood learning? We are thinking of some afterschool activities for Camille, but I am still undecided.

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