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Why Organic Clothing Matters for Babies

As a Chemical Engineer who worked for the largest chemical companies in the world, you can imagine how many chemicals I have encountered, managed or contained. As parents, we all want the best for our children and making the right choice could mean a lot of things; like spending more money, staying home to watch the kid while forfeiting a paycheck, making do with one income, living in an expensive neighborhood or caring for a sick/disabled child while placing everything else on hold. Parenting is tough. Exposure to chemicals and toxins is something that many not immediately come to mind, especially with the numerous parental choices we need to make. And while many families eat natural/organic diet, it is just as important for us to clothe our children with natural and sustainable clothing.

The first few years of a baby’s life matters. I cannot over-emphasize how crucial those first 24 months are. Every part of their system is still developing beyond the womb: this includes, digestive, respiratory, neurological, reproductive, mental, nervous and sensory organs.

The raw materials used in manufacturing their clothes must be grown organically without artificial chemical fertilizers, synthetic agents, herbicides, growth boosters and pesticides. Most mainstream clothing utilize synthetic materials that include one or more of these things as well as intense bleaching, coloring, polishing, and deodorizing.

As a mother, when I had Camille 8 years ago, I was fixated on the beautiful accessories, beddings, dresses, blankets, etc. I was not worried about all the dyes, synthetic perfumes, and various processing methods. I kept purchasing over-the-counter diaper creams that also contained more chemicals and metals, adding to the numerous endocrine disruptors in her small tiny body. Looking back I feel so bad as my daughter battled rashes, eczema, and intense discomfort. Luckily we are not dealing with neurological issues, however the digestive and skin issues are consistent and taking years of clean eating to get rid of.

I have since then promised myself to do better for my next baby. I have researched a few organic clothing lines that are transparent in not only in their raw material sourcing but also in their processing methods.

Baby Mori

What I love about Baby Mori is that it was founded with a clear purpose in mind. Two brothers looking for the perfect gift for their niece were frustrated when they couldn’t find anything that was toxin-free on the market. They decided to start their own product line. This UK-based company is a clear favorite for me due to its clean lines, balanced and contemporary design, as well as the neutrals. I love neutrals for the first few months prior to introducing colored clothing that may or may not include synthetic dyes.

Finn and Emma

Finn and Emma is based in the United States and I love their stylish and modern design for kids. They are 100% organic and you do not have to sacrifice style or comfort. With Finn + Emma boring designs and toxic chemicals are a thing of the past while modern colors, fresh prints and heirloom quality construction are abundant.

Do you shop for organic clothing for your kiddos? I think the first two years are the most crucial before they start getting obsessed with Disney Princess dresses amongst other things. What are your thoughts?

PS: I run a 100% organic baby + mother essentials store at Honest Mother Store. Feel free to look for the brands mentioned above. You can email me at for questions or concerns.

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